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Eminem – “Rap God” [Video]

A superhuman being or spirit worshiped as having power over nature or human fortunes; a deity. These words could be used to describe the way people feel about Eminem as a rapper. He is undoubtedly one of the best emcees to ever grace a microphone and he won’t shy away…

Marco Bailey – “World T.V.”

Belgium born and raised Marco Bailey put out another smashing single on MBE. “World T.V.” is a track that will knock your socks off, to put it lightly. It features haunting vocals paired with a gritty baseline that has the power to blow the low end on your mp3 player. The…

Marbeya Sound – “Semantic Drift” [Video]

Taking a mysterious trip around their home town in Mexico, analog krautrock group Marbeya Sound have recently released a new video for “Semantic Drift,” a track off their debut Colonies LP.  The duo, who met through sheer luck in a lobby one day, manage to evoke emotion and tell an unique story…

Geoffrey O’Connor – “Jacqueline” (Clubfeet Remix) [Premiere]

Aussie Geoffrey O’Connor first made waves as the frontman for euphoric pop group Crayon Fields, but has also stepped out as a solo artist on his 2011 album Vanity Is Forever. On his latest single “Jacqueline,” O’Connor displays his trademark synth power balladry as he reminisces over his lost love interest. While the tune…

Babeo Baggins – “BreakBEAST” (Prod. Double J)

The amount of sexism in hip-hop is just plain gross, being force fed a disgustingly male-centric and heteronormative culture curdles the stomach so Barf Troop spewing out Summerslime is a projectile girl power purge. Babeo Baggins presents “BreakBEAST” as the tapes opening track and it serves as both an introduction…

K Gaines – “Super ID”

2 Hungry Bros produced the vibrant funkadelic “Super ID” but K Gaines makes it three– hunting for “the buck, plus the doe, and the dead fawn”. For those familiar with psychological terms the brilliance of the double entrendre within the title itself is a mark of wordplay to come. Constantly…

Release of The Day Craig Meichan – Warp Drive [Fraction Records] 09-04-13

Craig Meichan delivers another power soaked, peak-time banger for the big floors with his latest outing on Fraction Records entitled ‘Warp Drive’. Overflowing with energy and drive from the outset, Craig’s crowd pleasing blend of thundering bass rhythms, roof raising melodies and highly charged atmospherics hit the spot every time ensuring maximum damage on those […]

Release of The Day – Chris Cockerill – Blackjack[Vibrant Sounds] 09-02-13

Chris Cockerill makes a stunning debut on Vibrate Sounds with the absolutely slamming ‘Blackjack’! Overflowing with raw-edged power and roof-raising atmosphere, the Original Mix is sure to energize the biggest floors every time. Rippling bass rollers and sizzling synth rhythms pressure the crowd perfectly, whilst the rapturous melodies and rocket powered drops ensure maximum impact […]

swelo – “This Step” (Feat. Jose Cotto)

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say we found your perfect Friday afternoon jam. There are a few pre-reqs to Friday soundtracks, but namely this: it has to be a song that will power you through the day and properly prep you for the weekend –…

Lil Ugly Mane – Three Sided Tape [Mixtape]

For a rapper who is one of the most violent, misogynist, and self-hating voices in hip-hop, Richmond’s Lil Ugly Mane is also one of the most creative, unrelenting and relentlessly positive musicians of all time. Here’s why: Ugly Mane is a master of voice, a master of tone. He doesn’t…

Track of The Day – Gareth Weston – Menace(Original Mix) 08-04-13 Digitalized Recordings

Release Date 2012-11-05 Labels Digitized Recordings Catalog # DR038 This release from Digitized Recordings is a big one. It comes from new Digitized Artist Management signing Gareth Weston. The track is called Menace and it lives up to it’s name. It’s a huge power/tech trancer with a huge bassline, powerful kick, guitar riffs and a […]

Wanna DJ at Coachella?

Wanna DJ at Coachella?

Wanna DJ at Coachella? It’s simple, get some friends to generate power and you can spin a 30 minute DJ set. Read on… From Green LA Girl: You may remember Global Inheritance for its environmental theme park Environmentaland, public transit friendly concert series Public Displays of Affection, or its Re:cycled Tweets social media fundraiser. Thanks […]

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