Work with Speedy J on His Next CD Release

Jochem Paap aka Speedy J has been making news with the announcement of his forthcoming album which will be a collaborative process with anyone who wishes to contribute some loops. He is doing it all from the Soundcloud website. Checking the SoundCloud site I just noticed they have unreleased tracks from MC Hammer’s new album (hmmmm). The site also acts as a way for sending audio files to fellow collaborators.

Here is the info from Speedy J’s Collab page…

What is Open Collabs?
Building on the concept of his past Collabs Projects, Jochem Paap aka Speedy J invites producers worldwide to submit parts for an album collaboration of epic proportions. In times where the vast majority is reluctant to embrace the changes that digital technology brings, he’s reaching out to prove the value of creative synergy new tools and formats have to offer. The project will be a manifest of these values, re-injecting progress into electronic music. The resulting album will be released on his label Electric Deluxe, profits will be shared with all artists appearing on it 50/50.

What is a Part?
A part can be a loop, sample, bassline, sound effect, or any conceivable combination of the above. Check ot some of Speedy J’s own example parts here.

How Does it Work?
The entire collaboration will take place on Soundcloud. Participants can send their audio to Speedy J via the Open Collabs Dropbox. The creation process can be followed via, and participants will be able to comment on the work in progress. Keep and eye on this page for audio-updates and news.

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